Your Spinout is Gorgeous Podcast Trailer

Your Spinout is Gorgeous Podcast Trailer Natalie Que

What a wild ride to get to this point, that something of the important and interesting stories that I have experienced or witnessed in friends have culminated in something that is out of my head, in into the public for consumption.

This podcast is actually running tandem to a book that I’m writing about the period of low-key spinout before or after you do something big.

I have long believed that we don’t get art created in this period, or hear much about this stage of creation. Because it’s just too damn raw and riddled with fear. It’s inhibitive, you don’t know what you’re doing, or what people will think of this new version of you.

You purposely keep yourself small, and find all kinds of ways to self-sabotage and ‘not do the thing.’

So I wanted to speak with these people about this experience. One I’m sure is ubiquitously experienced but so rarely discussed in any other manner, other than being brushed off as an aside, in favor of continuing to exalt only our shiniest attributes, and our pinnacles of achievement, as our only valid experiences. Hence, the podcast was born.

That said, I know this will be resonant to an audience much broader than that, from the person who is having a shitty day or really just stuck their foot in it, to someone contemplating divorce or a job change, to anyone who craves authentic stories about real feeling, experiences and emotions… and it’s all pretty damn exciting. And equally terrifying.

I hope you love it and thank you so much for your support, it has meant the world to me. Here is the trailer:

Your Spinout is Gorgeous Podcast Trailer Natalie Que

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