Why Do I Love TikTok? Let Me Count The Ways

WHY do I love TikTok so much? Let me count the ways. Less veneer, and being rewarded for fakery, more chance to go viral for being YOU, for come as you TRULY are.

Here is one of my original videos and some of my favorite remakes.

My most popular video is nearing a million views now after just under 4 weeks. It’s been remade 53 times, has over 100k likes as I’m on the trail, sweat soaked with a gravel crunch background.

The pressure to ‘kill it’ every post is gone and though the algorithm confuses me a little, each post is rewarded for its merits without the pressure of equality of engagement for your posts.

Gone is the pressure of the how your post does within the first half hour, as your content has life breathed into it for weeks, months, possibly even years.

I LOVE the community and engagement there the most of any platform by far. The way people can employ insane amounts of creativity to repackage and recreate others’ original ideas is unsurpassed.

This particular video is a week old, it’s been seen 240k times and been remade 82 times. I’ve gone from about 35 followers in just over 3 1/2 weeks ago to over 7300.

What platform can you do that on? Riddle me that!

If you aren’t on TikTok… why? And if we aren’t connected there, same question!!

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