What You Don't Own Owns You Natalie Que

There are some amazing quotes that have really shaped my life the last few years, and I want to share more of them, and my swirling thoughts on their integration into life, both here on the blog, as well as in my discussions on the podcast.

One such quote is the above title of this post, what you don’t own, owns you.

I have taken this to mean to bring to consciousness the parts of yourself that are running your life behind the show; things that we haven’t witnessed or forgiven or fully integrated into ourselves. And that until we do that, or at least embark on the process, we may be acting from our wounds when we don’t intend to.

Applying this idea has been a fascinating self-inquiry for me.

But I hadn’t really brought the lens of applying this also to our strengths.

There is so much false modesty that is a part of our culture and society. So, what if, rather than being in command of our strengths, until we fully step into owning them, in our not owning-ness, we are being owned by them?

What if I haven’t fully owned my kindness or intelligence, how might I be owned by these things until I fully witness, love, accept, and integrate them into my psyche and identity?

This being a new vantage point as of today, I’m less inclined toward conclusion and much more interested in curiosity!

I hope you agree and that this is a great tool for you own self examination.

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