Your Spinout is GORGEOUS!

And so is mine…

This world is so full of pressure for perfection, the disease to please, mask worshiping, veneer adoration, flaw-erasure, glossing over the good bits because they’re ‘unflattering’ or ‘unbecoming’.


Do you ever just feel like screaming…

Dog dammit! I just want to be loved for who I am, not for the veneer the world asks of me. I also don’t want to be judged by your projections.

I just want to be known! Seen, heard, witnessed, loved, accepted for ALL of me, even the ‘ugly’ parts.

I refuse to make myself small, I refuse to cut off parts of myself to be cherished and welcomed!

You are not alone!

So join me where we explore your spinouts…. Your nervous-breakdowns, your mid-life crises, your quarter-life crises, your most embarrassing moments, your rock-bottoms.  Or hell, even just the small moments that gave you pause as you witnessed yourself and learned something about yourself or the world.

From the comedic to the macabre, from the spiritual to the insignificant, we are mining these dark caverns for the gold encased within the dark corners. Because the start to any transformation ALWAYS begins with confession…

Join me, the party is here:

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