Were I to be looking for a coach, I think the number one criteria I would be looking for is someone who has traversed a road that had come with some hefty challenges.

From divorce, to challenges in my professional life, motherhood, living overseas, faith crisis…

early middle life is funky ya’ll!


This is what makes me so excited about alchemy…


You truly are magnetic, just like I am.

Are you drawing toward you what you truly desire?

Are you calibrated for success beyond your imagination?

Or have you been stuck in a pattern of external fixes to problems that have a deeper source that is internal?

Get your mind right and the words flow, the book/the business plan/the blog writes itself.  Get your mind right and clarity follows. 

Articulate your vision, articulate your dreams, articulate your fears!

It’s a scary world out there in the world of dating!  With so much riding on the line, it breaks my heart so see so many miss the opportunity to articulate themselves clearly, and broadcast a desirable, clarified essence. 

While I understand it can be scary, and intimidating, especially after re-entering the dating pool after long-term relationships end, this process really can be one of joy and empowerment!  That comes from digging deep into who you actually are!  

Through this process we clarify all of the wonderful strengths you want to share with a partner.  And how those beautiful, unique traits in you are best matched to a dating avatar we create together.  From there we craft a bio that speaks straight to the heart of your desired person, a beautiful bio that you’re proud to post 

Price of $375 includes our 60 minute session, and delivery of your personalized, tailored bio, with 2 included revisions.  Included in price is your newfound sense of clarity, and vision for your future. 

Articulate thyself


I am ready to uplevel

Are you?


One on One Coaching



(6)  1 hour session package

$125 x each = $750–one free = $625

Accountability is yours

Custom Packages

Custom 3 & 6 Month packages available, please contact me to discuss pricing and frequency, all packages come with unlimited email support.

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