Let’s Have Nuanced Conversation about Taboo Topics

Let's Have Nuanced Conversation about Taboo Topics Natalie Que

In this third episode of the podcast I speak with Rhonda Williams, about an interesting experience that stitched our lives together.

She went to high school with my now ex-husband, the hunky Student Body President who seemingly could make no misstep as everything he touched turned to gold.

She had her high school dreams fulfilled (and somewhat dashed as well haha) when she slept with him in the orchard where he proposed to me while we were still married.⠀⠀

This episode is about sisterhood, redemption, introspection, forgiveness, consciousness raising; it’s a nuanced exploration of a taboo topic. ⠀⠀

Who would have thought those would be the motifs of an episode about this topic, but then again, of course 8 years later one would absolutely hope that’s what the inner themes of this outer story would be. And I feel so lucky that they are.

Though our lives intersected many times over the years since this event as our story unfolded and evolved, and we have been living in the same town for almost 5 years without realizing it! I only met her in person last month when this episode was recorded.
I hope you enjoy this conversation, one I was so fortunate to be able to have. ⠀⠀⠀

You can listen from this link which takes you to your option of listening platform here.

And here is a link to my Instagram post where you can see more on Rhonda.

Let's Have Nuanced Conversation about Taboo Topics Natalie Que


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