That's Exactly Why I'm Calling

I'm cooking up a new mantra that is going to really help me and I hope it helps you too.

So much of life is fighting to get the negative muck and disappointment and shame off of us.  Not just from the past but from the present... and hell who even knows, maybe the future. 


We courageously fight to stay aligned, positive; rising to challenges in lieu of letting them claim us.  Mindset is everything, what's external is far less of the equation than we realize.  Especially when everything outside of us seems in control of our mind.  In the times we need most to remember, we find it's easiest to forget.  We buy into its power, and outsource our own.

In my work selling media, contacting prospects has been a big part of my role.  There is a line given in the training which may not be used anymore but has always stuck with me... "That's exactly why I'm calling!"

"You did radio and TV ads for years and it didn't work... that's exactly why I'm calling!"

"Your best friend from college works for X,Y.Z competition... that's exactly why I'm calling!"  

"Your daughter used to work here and was fired?  That's exactly why I'm calling!"


We used to jest so hard about how hilarious of a tactic this was and make each other's insides split with laugher with possible stories of real world application and farse.  


It's actually useful, which is precisely why it's funny to joke about.


It is just so damn preposterous a comeback that it throws the prospect off their footing and challenges the us to, on the fly, to fill in the blank as to why this is true and how the dots can be connected to steer the ship back to getting that fucking meeting where we will surely delight and dazzle.

Right now in my life I'm making big, grand changes once again.  Big fuck off world plans.  Painting the whole room with big broad brush strokes perhaps at the expense of the fine details in the corners.  

I, with thrill and excitement that confusion has given way to clarity, announce these adulting² plans to selected friends and I'm seeing a repeating pattern.  I hear 'that sounds expensive' over and over again as the most popular of the cautionary pearls of wisdom.  'That sounds really difficult' is popular in the rotation as well.  

It's a negativity cocktail of two parts fear, a dash of limited thinking narratives yet to be examined, a sprig of shock, served tall over disappointment for what it means for them and our relationship.  

I think my new 'that's exactly why I'm calling' is going to be 'It's a good thing the universe delivered this idea to me and not you because all you see is obstacle when all I feel is opportunity.'  Or in other words... 'that's exactly why I'm doing it!'

'That sounds expensive and unrealistic'.... that's exactly why I'm doing it!

'I'm not sure I've ever seen that done'... that's exactly why I should claim the endeavor as mine!

"This sounds like a recipe for disaster"... I love mayhem!  That's exactly why I'm pressing forward without delay!

The intent behind the 'that's exactly why I'm calling' is the same... what can you even say to this?  It renders a no; or a downer to speechless.


And as your opponent lays there wounded and struck dumb, you carry on with the onslaught.  


Because both of these tactics are really about your and me.  Not the other person.  When someone is allowed to speak that negativity and we have no pre-thought tools in our arsenal we start to believe it.  Consciously and even more dangerously, subconsciously. 


And it's true, two things.  That our path is our path.  Our desires and skills talents abilities are ours so how could it possibly NOT sound impossible to someone else what YOU want to and can achieve?  And the second truth is that the obstacle IS the opportunity.  

It's all a matter of vantage point.

So say this someone, you don't have to be put on the defensive about your dreams because as hard as you'll fight back, any opportunity you lay open someone will plant a seed that will be harder to squash down to nothing.  And two, you'll hear yourself fighting even harder for what Infinite Wisdom has whispered to you and you alone. 



Natalie Que