Consciousness Streaming

I've started this as a practice for 30 minutes per day as per Tim Ferris in Tools of Titans most likely?

It's an interesting venture to embark upon, and the grander point has yet to reveal itself, but... that's not the point.  The impetus is buried for me, for now, but I suspect will reveal itself later.  For now, here is an excerpt from today.  As the thoughts I stream reflect the content I'm passionate about anyhow:  

The children.

Their smiles.

I’m thinking about their faces.

I’m thinking about the way it feels to cuddle their gorgeous little bodies.

Being with them is a gift.

My son is just so gorgeous when he sleeps.  When I get the opportunity to go wake him every morning, I think of it as a gift.  I really do think this every day I have him.  He’s like a little present I get to open every day.  Sometimes I’m in a rush.  But I think… fuck work!  They can wait.  This is my gift of my day to walk into his room.  (To) See his little face.  (To) Think about what he might be dreaming. 

I brush his hair to the side to reveal his stunning little features.

I listen to his breathing as that’s the only thing that reveals his being alive if I haven’t touched him to feel his warmth as his eyes are still closed.

I kiss his warm cheek.  He makes a little sound.

I say some lovely things to make sure he starts his day right.  With so much love.  Knowing love is there.

And sometimes before his eyes reveal his soul by opening, his arms fly up to greet my neck.

And when they envelope me, I know something profound deep inside myself.

And I carry this with me, wherever I go. 

And I am forever changed because of it.



-Writing is rewriting... so this raw excerpt is interesting.  Usually I will correct words like saying 'gift' 3 times in succession.  I'll polish and polish so that the writing serves the reader better.  In this particular case I've only corrected the misspelling of 1 word, separated words by comma instead of a period, italicized beginning and end, and added the two words in parentheses which I'm not sure if that even added any benefit.  

In writing for the writer, I've revealed things for me. 

I'll be glad to integrate the benefits into my experience as they continue to manifest from this practice and I highly recommend it as a useful and therapeutic exercise!   

Natalie Que