The Six Levels of Self

I went to a meditation class about a year ago and something that was communicated about the self gave me great pause to contemplate.  

The yogi gave a small speech about the notion of the levels of self, he postulated that there are six.  

The sixth level, the outermost, would comprise the things you could see outwardly; including how you look but also the clothes you wear and own, your house, the car you drive.  These things are 'you', a part of you, a part of your identity and persona.  

But that is not all you are.  

Go inward to level 5 and 4.  What do you think you find on these levels?  What other elements comprise you?  How deep inwardly do you think you've travelled?  What level do you generally rest on?  What does the innermost center of your being, level one, comprise?

I have more questions than answers about this concept, but I think that's the point ;

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Natalie Que