Having Trouble Sleeping? The Secret Universal Mind Meditation is a Wonderful Resource

During difficult periods of our life it is common to have difficulty sleeping.  I have experienced this many times.  

After never having trouble sleeping my first bout of insomnia arrived when I began to question my marriage 6 years ago.  A possible marriage collapse was obviously a very excruciating thing to face.

I had never worked outside the home after getting married at 21 and was pregnant by 22.  The realities facing my situation caused a wave of overwhelm and insecurity I felt powerless against.  

It took a while but I did manage to get my first job in my field at 30, but this drastic change in my life after nearly a decade of being a stay at home mother didn't help.  With so much going on in my personal and professional life, I was not sleeping even taking sleeping pills every night.  It was a living hell to still be awake a 3 AM knowing I had to be present and engaged the next day.  There were many nights where, exasperated, I would drink vodka straight from the bottle in search of anything to numb the rumination; the house of horrors in my mind.  There were mornings I saw sunrise, the dawn of a new day that was just the continuous day before as I had not slept.

My husband and I had begun to sleep in separate bedrooms.  Being alone in a bed for the first time in 9 years was so very lonely.  But I was mentally separating myself from him and could not face intimacy anymore; nor could I have another person's sleep habits combine with my insomnia.  Everything felt like a trap.

I wish I had discovered yoga and meditation then.  There are so many resources for calming the path of speculation your brain is rewiring itself to.  I highly suggest getting calm with these practices in your daily life and combining that with the power of Kelly Howell's Universal Mind Meditation at night, as she advices every night for 6 weeks.

After discovering this last year, I listened for about 3 months and I can attest it did change my life.  Months later, knowing I may have a rough night, I will listen from midway through because I want to hear what the middle says as I've usually fallen asleep by then!  The calming delta waves and her voice like an angel is a salve for the fatigued soul.

Yes you do need headphones!  I know this is a bit of an annoyance but relax an your back and enjoy what Brainsync has put together for you.  Here is is, please enjoy.

I hope it helps.  Try this and this too.


Natalie Que