The Secret to Failing Well; A Journey Through and to Self

I simply adore this Hellen Keller quote, and my thoughts turning to it has sustained me many times since I discovered it.  

Since ruminating on it and embarking on a journey to discover what Helen really meant, I have made some amazing breakthroughs and have emerged at a place where I feel so anchored in my life.  I feel, in a way, invincible since I discovered the source of love and wisdom within myself that I can access any time.  

There is nothing out there that will heal me or save me or bring me real, lasting joy.  The source of that is within myself, and I feel like the expedition to find and discover that inner resource has shaped and changed me forever.  I know there are many more obstacles in life ahead, but for the first time I feel that through the course I took inward, I've discovered the tool box for proactive working through any future stumbling block I may encounter.

My apostasy and divorce brought a years long wave domino after domino of hardship.  During some of these years, the go-to was to be a victim and a martyr.  While our hurts and wounds are valid, things do happen to us that are out of our control and we don't deserve, being a victim is not what moves us forward through the experience.  Nor does it teach us anything about what we have the opportunity to learn.  

The sooner we discover our power, and our power for good and healing ourselves is immense, the more we can shortcut the process to arriving at a point mentally where we can once again drive ourselves forward.

Beyond this quote, and more like it, this meditation greatly helped with peace and sleeping.  These coupled with what I was pondering at the time and helped too.

Natalie Que