How to Sleep Better During Times of Stress and Uncertainty

How to Sleep Better During Times of Stress and Uncertainty Natalie Que

Sleep, rest and rejuvenation are such vital components of living a life of wellbeing and vitality.

More often than not however, our mind can turn into an uncontrollable fright train moving mach speed to a sleepless hellscape, especially during the times we need it most; our most uncertain and precarious!

One thing that has changed my life and sleep forever are sleep headphones, a sleep mask with embedded headphones to fall asleep to guided mediations that calm your nervous system and bring your mind back to center it back to you; your life, what’s important in the present moment.

Falling asleep to guided mediations has the added benefit of boosting you with affirmations when you’re in theta or delta brainwave state; AKA your most suggestible.

Sleep headphones are why I have voiced this Guided Sleep Meditation for you:

Extended versions of double length and 3 hours long also available.

Subscribe here as there are many more listed and more to come, mediations for any time of day with multiple desired affects from study and concentration in alpha or gamma brainwave state, waking up in the morning and starting your day right, bringing more love into your life, raising your vibration through gratitude practice, money prosperity abundance, and many more, subscribe here

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