Healing the Scars of Religious Trauma with Laura Anderson LMFT and Cofounder of The Religious Trauma Institute

In one of the most challenging topics I’ve tackled yet on my podcast; this week the brilliant Laura Anderson joins me for a conversation about healing religious trauma. 

You may be a believer, a former member of a high-demand religion, a curious future ally; or perhaps you will draw an allegory from religion, to any external organization that informed your childhood experience or your parents’ parenting. And hopefully you’re curious as to how that informs you today. 

A concept Laura taught me that has already helped me reframe so many aspects of my daily life, is intent versus impact. 

Which nicely packages the chasm between benign intentions and malignant results. 

We have so much difficulty acknowledging; seeing, witnessing, apologizing et al when the divide is so extreme in some cases; between the small step we made in good faith, versus the catastrophic and sometimes lifelong consequences of it. 

I hope this nugget, which may not be new to you but was for me! Is helpful and that it beckons you to learn more from my conversation with @lauraandersontherapy

Laura is a Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in Complex Trauma: Sexual, Domestic Violence and Religious Trauma, in Nashville. She is the Co-Founder of the Religious Trauma Institute, a PhD candidate, and a wealth of information and wisdom on this topic that we manage to also squeeze quite a few pat laughs in despite the weighty subject matter! 

Listen here:

Or one can, easily access the podcast on ANY of the many platforms from this simple link anchor.fm/Natalie-que (as well as the meditation channel from anchor.fm/Natalie-que4 or YouTube

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