Have You Taken The VIA Institute Character Strengths Survey Yet?! Natalie Que

There are many personality tests out there that can help us determine if we are capitalizing on our strengths as we pursue our life and purpose. I have enjoyed many of them over the years, utilizing them as one lens I may peer through, and adapt and pivot as guided.

I recently took the VIA Character Strengths Profile, and if you haven’t I highly recommend!

The idea is to find your top 5 and continue to flex the muscles of growing these already well-defined strengths, and lose focus on some of the others that you clearly don’t value as highly or come as naturally to you.

My top 5 were: 1. Curiosity 2. Perspective 3. Honesty 4.Humor 5. Creativity

Curiosity as #1 gave me great pause!

But as I’ve thought about how that has served my life and work, I find it a very unique number one that has great potential to be in service and grow in wisdom.

These 5 were in competition with: Fairness, Social Intelligence, Hope, Love of Learning, Spirituality, Love, Gratitude, Judgement, Bravery, Zest, Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence, Forgiveness, Humility, Leadership, Love of Learning, Kindness, Perseverance, Self-Regulation and Teamwork.

And as per the VIA Institute Website:

The number of potential character strengths profiles is exponentially greater than the number of people living on our planet.

So you are truly unique with the way these are personally ordered for you, as we all possess all of the strengths, just in differing orders.


Take the survey and let me know your top 5, and how you’re going to integrate this knowledge into your life and experience!


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