Do You Have the Confidence to Walk into the Room and Ask For What You Need?

Do You Have the Confidence to Walk into the Room and Ask For What You Need? Natalie Que

“Do you have the confidence to walk into the room and say what you need”

This was a quote from a recent podcast (The Cut on Tuesdays,Ghost of Emails Past) where Mona Chalabi, Data Editor at The Guardian recounts her story of her interview for placement at Oxford.

The theme of this basically was one I’m fascinated with, belonging. And the clarity and confidence to speak your needs, wants and desires; in ways almost dovetailing with entitlement.  Not so much in the ways we are thinking entitlement now, but in the healthy ways that they’re instilled within us from our upbringing.  The sense that we can, and should, reach out and take what’s ours, instead of shrinking back, small and undeserving.

The story of Mona set up to prove her sense of worthiness to attend Oxford is intriguing to say the least.

As she recounts it, she wasn’t only at said interview to speak of her accomplishments, desires, and hopes for future contribution.  She was called in to a scenario where the coffee table was pushed up to the edge of the couch, making it impossible to sit down properly without moving it.

In her words, this was a test –a deliberate game that was set up for the participant to prove themselves. There are three types of people in this scenario, so which one was she? Was she the sort of person who would move the coffee table without asking for permission to do so? Would she ask for permission to move it? Or would she simply be awkward about it?

Mona opted for option number three, and slid onto the coach and conducted her interview with her legs dangling over the side of the couch.

This story hilariously captures the microcosm that many of life’s tests present us with.

And I heard this story right after getting this quote from Dr. Joe Dispenza stuck in my head, ruminating on it for days (in the best way)

The quantum field responds not to what we want, it responds to who you’re being

This quote from Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself really begged of me to answer to who am I first being, that my outer actions are then dictated by, and thus my world is being manifested and mirrored back to me.

May you, if you are not now, find ways to feel worthy and claim what is yours.

Do You Have the Confidence to Walk into the Room and Ask For What You Need? Natalie Que

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