Allow Myself… to Introduce My….Self…

Allow Myself... to Introduce My....Self... Natalie Que

I am honestly honored and humbled with the overwhelmingly positive response to my podcast being live. I have hardly advertised it as this is still very difficult to step onto this path where some of my most personal moments, values, feelings, and experiences are public, and how that has the potential to change my life forever; I have wanted to be very clear-eyed about that.

This particular introductory episode explores some of that with my friends Heather and Jacqui helping me to articulate why I am so passionate about this topic and what compels me to start this podcast, and even earned me my first one-star review! Worth checking out for that reason alone! I have known that I have selected a topic worth exploring, and thusly, while not intentional, is controversial.

That review has since been deleted oddly enough, but now that there are 7 episodes live, I will be discussing that as well as some other behind-the-scenes/story-within-the story.

For now, I can’t thank you enough for your support, I truly don’t mean to toot my own honk… but the numbers for a brand-new podcast from an unknown person are kind of mind blowing. And to have launched not even a month ago and already have 24 5-star ratings as of today, I am overwhelmed by the support and outpouring of love.

This truly is the embodiment of leap… and the net will appear.

Thank-you, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, here it is:

And if you listen to your podcasts on a platform other than apple, just search Your Spinout is Gorgeous and it should be there. If you can’t find it on your preferred platform please kindly let me know!

Allow Myself... to Introduce My....Self... Natalie Que
Allow Myself... to Introduce My....Self... Natalie Que

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