Affirmations & Meditation Co is Live on Youtube!

Affirmations & Meditation Co is Live on Youtube! Natalie Que

I am glad to be hearing from some who are already experiencing some silver linings of this current tragedy we are knee deep in!

I am not one for glossing over the harsh realities, but some good is already being born, and I want to hear about it, and I want to be a part of sharing it.

This time of sequester has forced me to get my ass in the chair, and focus on projects that have been actively putting off, discounting, or blinding myself from for years!

It has asked me to dig deep in assessment of my skills and talents, my equipment and resources, what would be a viable project, and what the world needs, I have been voicing guided meditations and the first one is live!

Meditation is saving me right now, and I have been using guided mediations for years. They are a nice set of training wheels or bumper lanes if you’re new to mediation, or in funky times like this when simply trying to tune out your thoughts and fears is more difficult to the point of futile.

This particular meditation is one of my favorites, it’s called Loving Kindness Meditation and it only takes about 10-12 minutes, and I promise you from experience, you will leave the meditation chair far better than you arrived to it.

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Other meditations have already been voiced and are in editing. Some to look forward to: 7 Minute Morning Affirmations, Deep Relaxation and Sleep, Affirmations for Abundance and Wellbeing, Gratitude Journey, Health and Immune system Mantras and many more (feel free to make a request).

Thank you so much for your likes, comments, subscribing and sharing with your friends!

Affirmations & Meditation Co is Live on Youtube! Natalie Que

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