Have you ever felt like you’re a hose turned on full-blast, just wilding-out with the sheer force of the current coursing through you?  Soaking everything in sight with reckless abandon.   

Me too!

It’s fun for a while, and the mayhem is certainly entertaining.  But deep down we know that force within us is best long-term when directed toward its purpose and in firm command of its power through focus and intention.

Nice To
Meet You

MY STORY Natalie Que
MY STORY Natalie Que

That’s why I want to help you direct your own power, the force of the current that is you; with greater aim, command, vision, intention and mastery. 

The world craves you at your best, operating in seamless tandemnity with your vision, purpose and en route enjoying every minute in the journey toward your wildest dreams.

have got myself into and out of:

  • I was married for 10 years, during which time I lived all over the world.
  • I left behind my routine, day-to-day-life to save my marriage by living with my husband and kids out of a van traveling through both islands of New Zealand for 3 months.
  • NZ van trip didn’t work, but turns out divorce is a pretty great teacher.
  • I navigated a faith crisis and graduated from the religion of my birth, family and tribe and forged my own spiritual path –a lot of people really enjoy that Robert Frost Poem about the Road Less Traveled but few understand that they’re still on the path most traveled (but not you 😉 
  • I have Internationally travel-dated going on first dates to Johannesburg/Cape town, Tel Aviv/Jerusalem, Sydney, Singapore, Melbourne, Frankfurt… second dates to Paris, Istanbul, Sao Paulo... and I didn’t get any kidney’s harvested
  • I have worked corporately internationally and domestically in food & wine, radio, a marketing agency, as well as many times for myself in events, modeling & acting, and writing
  • I have a BA in Mass Comm/Journalism and am Life Coach certified
  • I enjoy chewy foods that fight me back while I’m eating them, I guess I like a challenge 😉

What I have learned is that life often offers us beautiful gifts of newness, opportunity, wisdom, and deeper awareness -wrapped in packaging that looks an awful lot like loss and pain.

Loss of job, loss of marriage, loss of identity.

Nature hates a vacuum though!  And something better is always on its way.

The road to get to it can be quite roughshod.  And lonely. And precarious.

I’d love to be with you on your journey

MY STORY Natalie Que

My Familly

I myself have loved periods of my life where I was able to pull over to the side of the road, and have a passenger climb in and navigate this with me.  Yes, I am a coach because I believe wholeheartedly in what treasures a coach riding shotgun with you can offer.

I’m a b!tch on a mission to liberate!

 It’s high time to set those cages we so easily worship, rather than fly out of, aflame!


How may I serve thee?

Let me count the ways.

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