Natalie Que

What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say 


Let's find your treasure


There is a story Spoken of the Ancients. 


Living in a time when life was inordinately generous, days were made effortless, lives Were facile; existence vapid.  By riches abounding, man and woman were deprived of the joy of discovery, and the satisfaction of earnest work. 


There was no journey


Infinite Wisdom seeing this, removed the treasure from painless grasp.  The wealth was taken and relocated to a secret cache; and there buried deep. 



The location, so says the legend, is within each mortal soul



Life, then, became a rewarding journey to discover the hidden jewels that are most assuredly there, a to put them to use for a life of abundance


“Ask yourself: Why am I seeing and feeling this?  How am I growing?  What am I learning?  Remember: Every coincidence is potentially meaningful.”

ANsel Adams  


Who is

Lover of yoga and tequila, (together or separate) tennis and books.  Writer, human, truth seeker, funmaker, part-time mountain goat, studier of Mass Comms, hug generator, sharer of unsolicited pearls of wisdom, love maker, stander of soap boxes.  Passionate about being pensive, time appropriately.  Mama loves the grape!  Read on....

What does

I am a mother of 2 delightful children and it is my life work to help prepare them for their sojourn into adulthood equipped with as much knowledge, kindness and compassion as possible.  After traveling as a family for 10 years, we now live in Salt Lake City -surrounded by jagged mountain peaks and fiery yellow tangerine tinged sunsets that kiss those ridged crests goodnight each day.  Please share with me, there are many ways to contact me in person or socially on this page.  Looking forward to connecting!  


This is a place for connecting your joy and mine; a place where our journeys intersect and we can find what resonates between us.  I am a writer and talk radio personality, currently working on my first two books; a memoir and a journal about my life and travels during a decade of time spent living in Asia and Australia.  During this time my marriage, family and life were altered drastically in the aftermath of the ripple affect of my faith collapse.  This is a landing page for my thoughts post marriage; my spirituality post religion.  And a place to share my belief that there is life on the other side of our most catastrophic life events.  Let me share wisdom in getting to the other side and using these events as the catalyst for dramatic shifts forward, better prepared, more compassionate, clarified on who we really are and what we really value in life.  It is from this place we can best find what we offer the world.  


To give thanks in solitude is enough.  Thanksgiving has wings and goes where it must go.  Your prayer knows much more about it than you do.