5 Tips for Healing after Religious Trauma

High Demand religions can leave scars, and even trauma that resides in our body. Here are 5 tips, for healing, followed by some additional resources.

I was honored to be a guest on Ronit Plank’s wonderful Podcast “And Then Everything Changed” where I share more about my story specifically of being born into Mormonism, leaving when I was 29, and the subsequent 10 years of my own healing journey since then.

Also linked are my episode with Laura Anderson, LMFT and Co-Founder of The Religious Trauma Institute. We chew the fat on this topic, and it was a joy to approach this from all angles; what it is, to more on healing it, and the conceptual married with story and even some good laughs!

5 tips to get you started:

  1. Get Therapy from a provider who specializes in Religious Trauma
  2. Speak honestly about your experiences without need to protect the organization, though protecting it with faith affirming language may be asked of you in both covert and overt ways.
  3. Recognize the difference between intent & impact when it comes to parents and family
  4. Look into means of Reparenting Your Inner Child
  5. Forgive yourself for however long it took to recognize the truth of the events, and commit to finding means of healing; yoga, breath work, somatic release, meditation, prayer, nature etc

Please enjoy these additional resources:

Here is the link to Apple Podcasts And Then Everything Changed: Leaving the Mormon Church with Natalie Que

And a Guided Mediation for Reparenting Your Inner Child:

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